JOB NAME:  Redbank Road Water Pipeline Project

JOB LOCATION:  Bakersfield, CA

CLIENT:  East Niles Community Services District

CONTRACT VALUE:  $770,000.00

FOREMAN:  Jeff Unruh


East Niles Community Services District, coupled with Boyle Engineering, contracted ConCastCo to install nearly (2) miles of 8 inch and 14 inch water main in Southeast Bakersfield.  The project was complicated due to (3) horizontal auger bores, all of which ConCastCo self-performed.  The longest of the bores was (140) LF beneath an active irrigation canal and railroad track.  Foreman Jeff Unruh and his crew worked entirely in the street, mitigating civilian and construction traffic from a nearby project daily.  Our crew consistently completed (500) feet of 14” pipeline per day (dug, laid, backfilled, and paved) during their 8 hour shifts.  Near the project’s completion, Jeff’s crew successfully pressure tested and bacteria tested their newly installed pipeline on the first attempt, drastically expediting the project’s timely completion.