JOB NAME:  Oswell Regulating Facility

JOB LOCATION:  Bakersfield, CA

CLIENT:  Kern County Water Agency

CONTRACT VALUE:  $1,458,360.00

FOREMAN:  Jeff Unruh


Kern County Water Agency contracted ConCastCo to perform various site piping improvements at the Oswell Regulating Facility.  The project involved installation of 12” – 30” CMLC pipelines, precast concrete vaults, cast in place concrete vaults, a chlorine metering and monitoring system, and installation of various Mag Meters, Static Mixers, etc.  The project was complicated due to excavations immediately adjacent to a full 6.8MG tank that encroached upon the tanks’ loading zone of influence on the ground.  The entire project was eloquently synchronized to keep the plant active over the duration of the project.  A critical (24) hour shutdown was completed ahead of schedule, and was the only point at which the plant was taken out of service for any length of time.